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Joins an array of strings into a valid device group path with escaped forward-slashes as needed.


Join-VmsDeviceGroupPath [-PathParts] <String[]> [<CommonParameters>]


This cmdlet can be used to safely construct a device group path from an array of names representing the device group hierarchy. Any unescaped forward-slashes will be automatically escaped for you in the return value.

For example, the string "/People Counting/Entrances`/Exits" could represent a camera group named "Entrances/Exits" in a parent group named "People Counting", using the device group path format implemented by MilestonePSTools.

This device group path can be safely constructed using the individual group names, without concern over how to escape any unescaped forward-slashes. If a forward-slash is intended to be a part of a device group name and the device group is created using `New-VmsDeviceGroup -Path`, then an unescaped forward-slash will end up splitting that device group name into two parts, and you will have an unexpected subgroup.


  • Does not require a VMS connection



'People Counting', 'Entrances/Exits' | Join-VmsDeviceGroupPath

This example constructs a device group path like `/People Counting/Entrances`/Exits`. Note the backtick added before "/Exits". Without the backtick, creating a device group with this path would result in a total of three device groups with a "leaf" group named "Exits". This cmdlet joined the parts of the path and escaped the previously unescaped directory separator character "/" with a backtick to signal that the forward slash is a part of the device group name instead of a directory separator.



Specifies a hierarchy of device group names to use to construct a device group path with a unix directory-style path format. The order of strings is important: the first string represents the "root" device group, and the last string represents the "leaf" device group.

Type: String[]
Parameter Sets: (All)

Required: True
Position: 0
Default value: None
Accept pipeline input: True (ByPropertyName, ByValue)
Accept wildcard characters: False


This cmdlet supports the common parameters: -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, -InformationAction, -InformationVariable, -OutVariable, -OutBuffer, -PipelineVariable, -Verbose, -WarningAction, and -WarningVariable. For more information, see about_CommonParameters.