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This topic is an extension to the Get-VmsCameraReport documentation


The Get-VmsCameraReport cmdlet provides an extensive number of columns of data for each camera. While we try to provide a descriptive column name, the meaning of values are not always clear. And sometimes values might not be what you expect to see. This topic serves to document some of this information to answer questions that may come up when this command is used in production.


The columns from IsStarted to StatusTime come from the RecorderStatusService2 interface using the GetCurrentDeviceStatus method. These values can only be provided if your PowerShell session is able to establish a connection to the Recording Server on port 7563 (default).

The Model and Firmware columns may not perfectly reflect the current model and firmware but they should hopefully accurately match what is displayed in the Management Client. The firmware is specially troublesome as the value is only updated when performing a "Replace Hardware" on the camera in Management Client. There is currently no mechanism to perform Replace Hardware using MIP SDK or MilestonePSTools.

The Configuredvs Current stream information will usually match, but sometimes the stream configuration properties aren't available - such as on the universal camera driver. And sometimes even if both the configured, and current stream properties are available, they might not match. That would be out of the ordinary, but it has happened. For example, if a camera is being used by two different VMS's, one may update the stream properties to be out of sync with the other.

The Snapshot feature can be very useful, but you cannot export a jpeg snapshot to a CSV file in a way that is universally understood by all applications. You could, for example, base64 encode the image and include it in text format. But to display the image, the consuming application would need to know what to do with that encoded binary data. We will provide an example of how you might process the snapshot column in a future sample.

Summary of all potential columns

Column Description
Name Name of the camera
Channel The channel number, counting from 0
Enabled True if both hardware and camera are enabled
State The state according to Event Server
LastModified Timestamp of last Last configuration change
Id A GUID representing the camera ID in the VMS
IsStarted True if recording server has started device
IsMotionDetected True if motion currently detected on camera
IsRecording True if recording is currently in progress
IsInOverflow True if storage cannot record quickly enough
IsInDbRepair True if recording server is repairing the DB
ErrorWritingGOP True if recording server cannot write to DB
ErrorNotLicensed True if device not licensed or grace expired
ErrorNoConnection True if recording server cannot receive stream
StatusTime Timestamp of status information from recorder
GpsCoordinates The LAT,LONG, or 'Unknown' if not specified
HardwareName Name of camera's parent hardware device
HardwareId The ID of the parent hardware device
Model Model of the parent hardware device
Address URI of parent hardware. Example: http://mycam/
Username The username for the parent hardware device.
Password Requires -IncludePlainTextPassword
HTTPSEnabled True if HTTPS is enabled for hardware device
MAC MAC address for the parent hardware device
Firmware Last known firmware of parent hardware device
DriverFamily Driver "GroupName" - example: Axis, Bosch
Driver Device driver name for the parent hardware
DriverNumber The driver number for the device pack driver
DriverVersion Device pack driver version string
DriverRevision Driver revision value for the parent hardware
RecorderName Display name of the parent recording server
RecorderUri Recording Server hostname and port as a URI
RecorderId The Recording Server ID
LiveStream Internal name of video stream used for live
LiveStreamDescription Optional custom name for the live stream
LiveStreamMode Always/Never/WhenNeeded
ConfiguredLiveResolution Live stream resolution, if value is available
ConfiguredLiveCodec Live stream codec, if value is available
ConfiguredLiveFPS Live stream FPS, if value is available
CurrentLiveResolution Current live resolution according to recorder
CurrentLiveCodec Current live codec according to recorder
CurrentLiveFPS Current live FPS according to recorder
CurrentLiveBitrate Current live bitrate according to recorder
RecordedStream Internal name of video stream used for record
RecordedStreamDescription Optional custom name for the recorded stream
RecordedStreamMode Always/Never/WhenNeeded
ConfiguredRecordedResolution Recorded stream resolution, if available
ConfiguredRecordedCodec Recorded stream codec, if available
ConfiguredRecordedFPS Recorded stream FPS, if available
CurrentRecordedResolution Current recorded resolution
CurrentRecordedCodec Current recorded codec according to recorder
CurrentRecordedFPS Current recorded FPS according to recorder
CurrentRecordedBitrate Current recorded bitrate according to recorder
RecordingEnabled True if recording is enabled for this camera
RecordKeyframesOnly True if recording only keyframes
RecordOnRelatedDevices True if recording on related devices enabled
PrebufferEnabled True if prebuffer is enabled for the camera
PrebufferSeconds Max number of seconds available in prebuffer
PrebufferInMemory True if prebuffering to memory instead of disk
RecordingStorageName Display name of recording storage for camera
RecordingPath Disk path of recording storage on recorder
ExpectedRetentionDays Expected minimum number of days to record
PercentRecordedOneWeek Percent time recorded in previous 7 days
MediaDatabaseBegin UTC timestamp of the first recorded image
MediaDatabaseEnd UTC timestamp of the last recorded image
UsedSpaceInGB Disk space used by camera in GB
ActualRetentionDays Days between now and the first recorded image
MeetsRetentionPolicy True if oldest image is <= MediaDatabaseBegin
MotionEnabled True if server-side motion detection enabled
MotionKeyframesOnly True if motion is detected on keyframes only
MotionProcessTime Interval, in MS, between motion processing
MotionManualSensitivityEnabled True if motion sensitivity settings are manual
MotionManualSensitivity Current motion detection sensitivity value
MotionMetadataEnabled True if capturing motion detection metadata
MotionExcludeRegions True if a motion exclusion region is defined
MotionHardwareAccelerationMode Automatic/Off - hardware acceleration mode
PrivacyMaskEnabled True if a privacy mask is enabled
Snapshot System.Drawing.Image from live snapshot JPEG


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